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Find money in your properties

Real estate ownership can prove to be a great investment and it offers many important tax benefits as well. We’ve been helping clients in the real estate area to find money in their properties they didn’t even know they had. Whether you like to fix and flip properties or you are a follower of “buy, rehab, rent, refinance and repeat,” a 35% or higher tax burden can take a big portion of your profits, reducing your potential to reinvest in more properties.

Thinking of converting your personal home into a short-term rental for the season in your area, questions about the tax effect can often make it feel like too much trouble to bother. Sawgrass CPA Advisors understands the complex taxation issues facing real estate investors and can help you navigate through them and pay the lowest legal amount of tax possible.

What could you do with hundreds of thousands of dollars extra?

We can help you take advantage of industry specific benefits that exist for property owners and real estate developers such as cost segregation studies, capitalizing certain expenditures and taking advantage of depreciation on equipment purchases. In some situations, a well devised plan to strategically utilize depreciation in the proper period can result in hundreds of thousands of dollars in tax savings in just one year!

Why pay today what you can put off to the future?

There are legal methods for deferring taxes for many, many years to come. When paired with estate planning, we can often eliminate transfer taxes completely for some taxpayers. In several cases, properties can be passed to the next generation with very little or no tax consequence upon immediate sale by the beneficiary. Passing low tax or even tax-free wealth to the next generation offers a huge added value and comes with patience, good planning and precision. We can help get you there through open communication where you articulate your concerns and fears and we address each one together. We can create a tax strategy for you that allows you to provide for your family beyond your life in a generous, safeguarded manner.

Navigate and stay the course through good times and bad

One thing seems to be certain in real estate: the market is always changing. Good times are often followed by periods of decreased growth or stagnant conditions. The trick is to buy at exceptional prices and be patient and flexible enough to thrive in any condition. We can help you find money you didn’t even know you had. With our help, you may have even more to invest and you can continue to build generational wealth. If this sounds overwhelming, don’t worry we can help.

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