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We’ve been helping clients in the construction industry find money in their businesses that they didn’t even know they had for many years now.

Entity selection

How does your business currently operate? Are you a sole proprietorship, Partnership, S corporation or C corporation? There are certainly pros and cons to all entity types. The constantly changing tax rules make this a clever spot to find previously overlooked tax savings. Whether you are looking to form a new entity or have been filing the same way for over 20 years, a fresh look may reveal savings opportunities that you have been missing.

Timing is everything

The nature and timing of payments from customers and payments out to vendors can make huge swings in taxable income to a cash basis taxpayer. We can help! Sawgrass CPA Advisors understands the various methods of accounting and will put together a plan where we choose to use the optimal method to benefit you. A well devised plan that includes a change in accounting method can result in hundreds of thousands of dollars in tax savings in just one year. What could you do with this kind of extra money if you didn’t have to pay it to Uncle Sam?

Pay the lowest legal amount of tax and find more money in your business.

We can help you take advantage of industry specific benefits that exist for construction contactors, real estate property owners and real estate developers such as cost segregation studies, capitalizing certain expenditures and taking advantage of depreciation on equipment purchases. Not only are these strategies good for your bottom line, but you will begin to understand how your clients can benefit from investing in your services as well. Wouldn’t it be easier to sell a job if you could show a greater value to your clients? Truly, a winning proposition for all.

Navigate and stay the course through good times and bad

One thing seems to be certain in construction and real estate: the market is always changing. Good times are often followed by periods of decreased growth or stagnant conditions. Supply chain issues and escalations have become a major focus in recent years. The trick is to make your business lean and flexible enough to thrive in any condition. We can help you find money in your business in years when taxable income is higher. With our help, you can set aside this savings as reserves and build generational wealth, in addition to increasing your company value. If this sounds overwhelming, don’t worry we can help.

Exit strategy and long-term planning

We can help you increase the value of your business to achieve your ultimate goals. Passing your business down to the next generation or initiating a major transaction such as a merger or acquisition requires patience, good planning and precision. We can help get you there through open communication where you articulate your concerns and fears and we address each one together. We can create a tax strategy for your exit that allows you to enjoy your retirement, with more money, not less.

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